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Douglas Infiesto


Company: Digital Communications INC.


Doug Infiesto is serving as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Shades of Blue. He is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company. Using an active and practical approach, he directs all team members in IT and technical activities to attain the organization’s strategic goals. Doug is an Experienced modernization leader with over twenty years of success directing mission critical, complex and global technology organizations. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively while balancing business and technical message. An inspired leader who is energized by working with others to ignite organizational transformation. Passionate about leveraging change, mitigating risks and overcoming business challenges, including:

• Selected to brief President Obama on IT solutions to address Ebola, malaria, dengue fever and other epidemic diseases enabling detection in over 300 million possible victims, providing up to 100 first responder doctors and $4M in medical supplies and equipment.
• Led capture and execution of $125M and 180 staff LEO micro satellite constellation replenishment program, including sub-contracts, hardware and software development during 3 simultaneous M&A’s and company moves/consolidations
• Led first satellite/wireless future combat mobile computing network system in Baghdad/Afghanistan that yielded 23% profit and 30% sales growth
• Turned around $167M FBI/LEA search engine program for fighting crime and terrorism while improving profit 28% and winning $36M in new business as part of a Portfolio of Big Data, Analytics and intelligence enterprise applications.
• Invited to Senator Bennett's round-table on Cyber-Security. Led cyber-security governance/compliance efforts changing organization’s culture, PKI RSA/ECC software development and operations to minimize security breach impact and help company grow to $55M in revenue.
• Led capture and planning of $70M Mobile Air Traffic Tower program for DoD and FEMA emergency aircraft landing.



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